1. Armor Modules

  • Air Stomp – performs a downwards attack when in the air
  • Proximity Alarm – gives you an automatic warning when an enemy is near
  • Armor Enhance – reduces the amount of energy drain while in Armor mode
  • Threat Tracer – highlights incoming bullet paths
  • Nano Recharge – gives you faster health recharge
  • Detonation Delay – delays detonation of nearby enemy grenades
  • Energy Transfer – whenever you score a kill you will restore half of your energy

2. Stealth Modules

  • Stealth Endurance – faster transition in and out of stealth
  • Covert Ops – enemies will not hear your footsteps
  • Cloak Tracker – tells you when enemies enter Stealth mode near you
  • Jammer – scrambles the radar of all enemies within 10 meters
  • Blind Spot – provides protection from the Maximum Radar bonus
  • Tracker – highlights enemy routes
  • Visor Enhance – highlights enemies through weapon scopes

3. Power Modules

  • Side Pack – enables you to carry an additional clip of primary ammo
  • WeaponPro – your weapons will reload faster
  • Aim Enhance – decreases weapon recoil when aiming down sights)
  • Loadout Pro – allows you to carry two primary weapons
  • Rapid Fire – gives you a faster fire rate on primary weapons)
  • Point Fire Enhance – reduces the spread of primary weapons when firing from the hip
  • Mobility Enhance – sprinting or jumping require less energy
  • Retriever – automatically collects dog tags from killed enemies

Energy Management

It’s extremely important to learn how to properly manage your energy in Crysis 2. It often means the difference between a kill and a death so make sure you read these few tips and remember them.

  • Use Armor mode whenever you can. It doesn’t drain too much energy and can save you very often.
  • Sprinting and power jump are the two movements in Crysis 2 that require energy to be used. Sprinting drains it pretty quickly so make sure you don’t use it too much, especially while in Stealth mode.
  • When in Stealth mode moving consumes a lot more energy overall. Make sure you unstealth before you fire at someone or you will lose all energy.
  • Use Nanovision to spot enemies (even stealthed ones). It doesn’t drain too much energy.